Monday, May 28, 2012

Book Titles

Hey guys. I need a new title for Dakota Ryan. Well....a title for the series, anyway. Grace gave me the idea (thanks Grace! ♥) that it shouldn't be DR and the Search for the Allies, just Search for the Allies and put Dakota Ryan in the series title. *whew*

Problem is, I can't think of anything. Here is the only thing I've come up with so far:

Dakota Ryan: Girl of Fire (lame, I know)

****NEW IDEA FROM EDIT**** What about Firechild?

Do you guys have any ideas? (Please -- I'm desperate!) They have to have "Dakota Ryan" in it, though. But that's pretty much it!!!

P.S. Did you see my temporary book cover on the sidebar? Isn't it PERFECT?????? Here it is, up close and without the words.....

Dude. I nearly DIED.

Beautiful People: Igdoscio Dechomai

Yay! It's Beautiful People, the villain edition! :) No picture for I.D......I still don't know what he looks like. :)

1. What is their motive?
The usual...he wants to take over the world. I couldn't think of anything else for him to do. But he wants to purge the world of all "filth" : mortals, and Crotori who don't bow to his every whim. He wants to create an empire that is his forever. He is fueled by vengeance and bitterness.
2. What are they prepared to do to get what they want?
Yes, yes, yes. He doesn't care who he kills as long as he achieves his goal. He is not impulsive, though - he has a plan. Always.
3. Are they evil to the core, or simply misunderstood?
Evil to the core. Definitely.
4. What was their past like? What about their childhood? Was there one defining moment that made them embrace their evil ways?
Igdoscio's mom died while she was giving birth to his sister, Idriana. His father was messed up, and Igdoscio raised himself and his sister. He was showing evil tendencies -- bullying, stealing -- but he cared deeply for Idriana. When Idriana was twelve and Igdoscio was seventeen a gang of mortals from Earth and Cordova alike attacked and killed Idriana in the streets. Igdoscio was furious and murdered the entire gang, and he vowed to kill all mortals, from Earth and Cordova. He became bitter, vengeful, and very, very deadly.

5. Now that they're evil, have they turned their back on everyone, or is there still someone in their life that they care for? (Brother? Daughter? Love interest? Mother? Someone who is just as evil as they are?)
Nope. Everyone that he had ever loved--if that is even possible for him--is gone, left in the barren and destroyed Cordova. He can be fond, so to speak, of certain servants like Juliet, but he does not love anymore(he calls it a weakness).
6. Do they like hugs?
Igdoscio? Hugs? *ahem* no. no. no. he would kill you in a heartbeat if you did that. (Does this remind anyone else of that weird scene in HP & the DH where Voldemort hugs Draco? :)
7. Are they plagued by something? (Nightmares? Terrible thoughts?)
He ... well, I can't say this in detail because I'd give everything away, but he has a certain thing that is self-induced that gives him what he wants, but also causes a *slight* problem for him. (How's that for mysterious? :)
8. Who are they more similar to: Gollum or Maleficent?

9. If your villain could have their choice of transportation
what would it be?
Flight. It's quicker, and it allows you to ambush your enemies and give you the advantage, all while keeping the slight element of surprise.
10. If you met your villain in the street, how afraid would you be? Are they evil enough to kill their creator? 
I wouldn't be that first I would be surprised that I'm meeting something I've created, then I'd be OK. I know all his weaknesses, and I can create more at will, so its no big deal. :) And yes, if it served his purposes, he wouldn't hesitate to kill me. Though he would probably keep me alive -- he's make me give him extra powers, or kill Dakota Ryan in the first chapter.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

History Check?

In DR, I have Dakota descended from Queen Elizabeth I. I know that's a little obscure, but Elizabeth has flaming red hair. I couldn't help but make it happen. :)

So, here's the part from my book when Riko Ringold is explaining to Dakota her heritage. Any thing you want to say ( you think a certain historical fact is wrong, I misspelled something, etc.) please say it! ;)

Riko sat down again and sighed deeply. “I must now tell you about your heritage – honestly, I'd rather not, for it is tragic and riddled with despair, but it is vital for you to understand your perhaps most important ancestor.”
Dakota blinked and did not move, stunned yet excited to hear about this mysterious, tragic person.
“You are a descendant of Queen Elizabeth I, daughter of the infamous King Henry VIII. To refresh your memory – though I doubt it needs refreshed” – Dakota blushed, for she did not know who these people were – “King Henry VIII was the king of England a long time ago, and he is most remembered for his multitude of wives.”
Dakota wrinkled her nose. Multitude of wives?
“King Henry had three children over the course of his six wives. They were called Mary, Elizabeth, and Edward. After Henry, Edward became king, but he was weak and frail. He did not survive for very long. Mary became queen next. She is known as Bloody Mary, for good reason – she killed many people, at the order of Igdoscio.”
Dakota's old History class began to come back to her. “Mary worked for Igdoscio?”
“Yes. She had, according to our spies, been in his service since the age of fifteen. She was a most devoted servant.”
“How was she stopped? And – in all respect, sir – how does this relate to me?”
Riko chuckled grimly. “Patience. I'm getting to that. See – Elizabeth is particularly famous for her flaming red hair. She also had a fiery temper that she tried to control, with success.”
“So – you mean –” Dakota reached up and absentmindedly touched her own flaming hair. “Elizabeth was a phoenix?”
Riko nodded. “Precisely.”
“Wow …” said Dakota dreamily. “I never knew.”
“You wouldn't have known, either. Elizabeth isn't exactly a renowned legend among us Crotori. You'll see why in a minute.”
“Oh.” Dakota felt her awe diminishing.
“As you have figured out, Elizabeth is your ancestor. She joined the Crotori as soon as Mary rose to the throne, and Elizabeth tried to stop her from killing everyone. But, Elizabeth had her weaknesses. She was kind-spirited and did not want to kill Mary – she wanted Mary to repent of her ways and join the good side. But Mary was too far gone – you could see it in her eyes; that cold, steely wickedness. Elizabeth refused to accept Mary's fate, however, and continued her efforts to try and get through to Mary.”
“Did it work?” Dakota asked, though she knew the answer.
“No. Elizabeth was given the chance to kill Mary, but she couldn't. Or,rather, she wouldn't. Elizabeth thought that Mary would be grateful and responsive because Elizabeth had just saved her life, but she was wrong. When offered to join the good side, Mary just sneered in Elizabeth's face and ordered Elizabeth to be imprisoned in a tower for the rest of her life.”
“Did Igdoscio order that?”
“No. Igdoscio wanted Elizabeth dead – she was the Chosen One of her day, and as long as she was still alive, she was a threat to his rule. But, he made sure that Elizabeth was well watched. Besides, he had other things on his mind.”
“Like what?”
“The Havens – all around the world – were rallying against him. He kept them at bay, but while he was busy, Mary died. His forces had been withdrawn from England for a short period of time, and in that short period of time, Elizabeth was released from her prison and made queen. Igdoscio was furious – his plan was going completely wrong. His archenemy, the only one with the power to destroy him, made queen of England. Things couldn't have gone more wrong for him, and more right for us. Until we discovered what had really been going on.”
“What?” asked Dakota. Riko had her full attention now. “What happened?”
“Elizabeth, during her imprisonment, had been in shock. She had foolishly never even dreamed of Mary attacking her and imprisoning her. During this time she sank into a deep, deep depression. She did not want to fight any more battles. She wanted everyone to stop killing. She just wanted life to end, but she would not lower herself to commit suicide. She looked upon suicide as a 'thing only worms would dare to do' as she says in her diary. But sometimes, she wished that she did.”
Dakota began to feel ashamed of her ancestor. “What happened?”
“She retreated deep into herself,” Riko said sadly. “She became quiet, sullen. She was a good queen – she was dedicated to taking care of her people – but she refused to join our cause again, or join Igdoscio. In other words, she just gave up.
“Igdoscio was thrilled. His chance had finally come. He snuck into the palace and personally – personally! – attacked Elizabeth, though she wasn't a threat to him anymore. He just wanted her dead – it gave him a sort of uneasiness to know she was alive. But Elizabeth did not care. She welcomed death. She did not even put up a fight.”
Something her old History teacher had said nagged at Dakota. “But – didn't Elizabeth die alone? She wasn't married. She didn't have any children.”
“That's what the world thinks. She had secretly – very secretly – married a prince from another country and became pregnant. She did not want anyone to know because everyone did not want her to marry him because he was foreign. But when she couldn't hide the fact that she was married and pregnant anymore, she divorced the prince and gave the newly born baby to a family friend.”
“Oh.” Dakota felt ashamed of Elizabeth. Yet, there was something, something else –
“Yes, Dakota?”
“Igdoscio – he's still alive today, isn't he?”
“Yes. Yes he is.” replied Riko heavily.
“Then how is he still alive? Elizabeth lived hundreds of years ago!”
Riko's face darkened. “We do not know. It is otherworldly, we are sure of that, but – we do not know the cause. We have tried to discover it for centuries, to no avail.”
Dakota bit her lip. There was a long silence between them as Dakota mentally processed what she had just heard. I'm a descendant of Queen Elizabeth … I'm a phoenix … Igdoscio's still alive … I'm a phoenix … I'm the Chosen One … I'm a phoenix …
“If you are ready, I can go show you the rest of the Haven,” Riko said gently.
“All – all right,” said Dakota, standing. She was kind of disappointed – she had just gotten used to this place, though in the back of her mind she had known that she would have had to leave eventually.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Beautiful People: Jazmyn

I added a picture this time! Yay! ;) It was hard finding a picture....Jazmyn's really not as witch-like as she is here. And the thing on her head is a hat, but it was ugly, so I partially cropped it out. :)

This probably isn't that necessary, but here's a "recap" on Jazmyn's character. She's an ex-vampire, formerly in Igdoscio (the bad guy)'s service. She is quiet, solemn, and full of regret for the things she has done. She wants to prove herself to the good guys, and though people are still wary and cautious, she is very loyal to Dakota and Noah, the main characters, her allies, and her friends.

1. What is their favorite type of shoe?

Something comfortable and convenient - she doesn't want to worry about her shoes while she is in combat.

2. Do they journal?

No. She doesn't have the time, and she's not that interested.

3. What's their favorite animal?

She used to love ravens, and then she battled Igdoscio's death ravens in the 20th century. As a result, she now loves black Labs. They make her happy.

4. What does their average day look like?

At the Haven, she will get up, go to her classes, and then assist Riko, the Haven leader, in any way possible.

5. Night owl, or morning person? (Optional: What time do they normally wake up, and go to bed?)

She does not care; some days she will stay up late and get up late, or get up early. Whatever suits her situation.

6. Do they have a sweet tooth?

She'll eat candy from time to time but she prefers fruits and vegetables. So, no. :)

7. What colors are their bedroom?

She has never really had a bedroom of her own. It was the barracks when she was in Igdoscio's service then the dormitories at the Haven. When she settles down eventually (heaven knows when that'll be) she hopes to paint her very own bedroom a light purple.

8. Can they cook?

Yes - she has had hundreds of years of practice, but she refuses to cook or eat meat. Because of her past, it is repulsive to her to eat anything that once had blood in it. It brings back bad memories for her, so, she is a vegetarian.

9. What is their favorite household chore?

Dusting. Jazmyn loves to dust. She doesn't know why exactly, but that is her favorite chore.

10. Favorite kind of tea?
Bubble gum. ;)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Writing Project

School's almost over ;) This is the last writing essay assignment of the year, and I thought I'd share it with you. It's about disappointments....I wanted it to be about books and movies, but we had to follow the prompts. :)

Disappointments can be devastating. They can make people’s moods change from happy to sad in a matter of seconds, and shatter their expectations and hopes like glass. Yet, some good can come out of disappointments. One can learn and grow. Disappointments can have a good side.

If someone is disappointed, they can either be grumpy and irritable or they can try their best to shrug it off and smile. If one is grumpy and irritable, they will make the others around them miserable. But if they try not to let the disappointment affect them, they will soon find that the sadness the disappointment creates in them “wears off” faster than it would have if they had remained angry.
There is a lot of good that can come through disappointments. For example, a young, fictional girl named Samantha went to the toy store with her parents to buy a toy she had wanted. When she got to the store, however, she found that there were no more of the toys that she had saved up for. Samantha was very disappointed, but instead of crying and being angry like she could have been, she smiled, shrugged, and decided that she would wait and be patient. Samantha learned two valuable lessons that day: how to control her disappointment and how to be patient.
Joseph Addison (1672 – 1719), an English writer, agrees: “Our real blessings often appear to us in the shape of pains, losses, and disappointments; but let us have patience and we shall see them in their proper figures.”

Disappointments can hurt and wound people. Yet, wounds heal. Scars and bad memories may form, and it may take time and heartache, but wounds heal. One can learn from the experience, and hopefully recognize that some good can come out of disappointments, if one only looks on the bright side.

Monday, May 7, 2012


I think I will be replacing The Wanted with Masquerade, a book about two lands: Dreams and Reality. Here's part of the first chapter. The character's name is temporary....I'm not even sure whether it will be a boy or girl yet. But, for now, it's a girl named Eden Maleia.

If you're reading this, you're about to discover that you live in one of two worlds – Dreams or Reality. If you want to live in ignorance, that's fine by me. It would probably be safest for you anyway … you won't pine away from lost or waning desires, broken or false dreams, or things you deserve that you don't get.
But, if you want to read on, that's fine too.
Hi. I'm Eden, Eden Maleia. I'm your pretty much average fourteen year old girl, except for the fact that I'm perfect.
Yes, you heard me – perfect.
I don't want to sound prideful or snobby or anything – really, I'm not – but that's the truth … at least when you live in the land of Dreams.
The land of Dreams is a nice, cozy little city off the coast of the Sea of Illusions. It has green hills, and it's always sunny and balmy here. Well – unless you want it to snow, and then you would go off to some mountain on the edge of Dreams and wish for it.
Yes, you heard me – wish for it.
In the land of Dreams, you can have anything you want. Anything. Just ask, and you will receive. In the land of Dreams, you can eat all you want and never get fat (unless you want to); play whatever sport or explore any hobby you wish, and you will suddenly find that you have the talent for it; own any pet, shirt, house, car, or anything else you can think of that you want, and much more.
Believe me, it's wonderful.
I was thinking about how wonderful the land of Dreams was when I was walking to school one morning (the one thing that stinks about the land of Dreams – underage people still have to do school) and I bumped into a stranger on the street.
“Sorry,” I said breathlessly.
The stranger did not say anything – he just turned towards me and stared. I stared back. He was unlike anyone or anything I'd seen before – he was a little taller than me, dressed in a long brown trenchcoat, black boots, and a black bowler hat that was tilted over his eyes so his face was covered in shadow. I could hear keys or coins clinking and jangling together in his pockets, and when he moved, I could hear a hardly perceptible grating sound, like the sound of steel sliding upon steel.
I felt him study me, and despite my impertinent, slightly rebellious nature, I looked away and began walking away as fast as possible. I risked a glance over my shoulder, and I saw him, growing smaller as I picked up my pace, still staring after me with great interest.
Shaken, I entered the schoolhouse. It was relatively small (there weren't many young people in the land of Dreams … no one wants them anymore) so there were only about ten people in the entire school.
School was boring today. I couldn't sit still; my mind was wandering. Wandering to the shady stranger.


Here is a poem I is supposed to be an imitation of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, but I kind of did my own thing. :) The only thing I did similar to Little Star  is I used onomatopoeia (I love that word!) and I kept the same meter or stanza or whatever (I forget the name!)


Chirping chirping little bird,
You can sing without a word.
Way inside that tree so high,
You will croon until you die.

Chirping chirping little bird,
You can sing without a word.

When you spread your wings in flight,
You are graceful, filled with might.
Through the blue sky you will soar,
In your heart you long for more.

Chirping chirping little bird,
You can sing without a word.

Singing, singing all the while,
You bring to my face a smile.
Hopping hopping in my yard
You work very, very hard.

Chirping chirping little bird,
You can sing without a word.


Like it? :) I'm not very good at poems, but...

While you're here, you can read my Peter Pan poem. It doesn't really follow any sort of meter, but I like it anyway. :)


There once was a boy named Peter Pan
Who against Captain Hook he did stand
With his fairy ally Tinker Bell
He fights for Neverland and all is well



Thursday, May 3, 2012


On Pinterest, I have a Pinterest board for my stories. Here's a little bit of what I've got so far. And if it's a picture of an unknown character, don't ask who he/she is. :) You'll figure it out, by the second or third book probably. (Knowing you Inklets, the wait will kill you.) ☺

Dakota's Crotorus....I imagined her being more graceful and sleek-looking (kind of like Fawkes) but this will work for now.

Noah's Crotorus, a pegasus.

Onyx Aspodel's Crotorus, a black panther. She's an evil you think that the black panther is too pretty and not scary enough to work for an evil villain? :)

Arena for Defense class, only it will not have a roof.

Guest cabins at the Haven.

What do you think? Do they seem to fit into the story, from what you know?

And, while I'm at it, here's a snippet from Chapter 5. Let me know what you think about it!

Dakota shook as she crawled on her hands and knees away from the glade, the knife, and the stump. She crawled away from the Haven. She tried to crawl away from this new life she had thrust upon herself by saving her family.