Saturday, February 9, 2013


Continuing in my post of characters, which I took a break from briefly while I got over a bout of writer's block. -.-

With darker hair and more vivid eyes, that picture would be nearly perfect. Nearly.

Sierra is not unlike Skylar in the fact that she had a rough childhood. She was raised in an orphanage ... no, who am I kidding. She raised herself, in an orphanage. The caretaker, Mrs. Chesterfield, hated her from practically the moment she laid eyes on Sierra, and this caretaker would do anything to get Sierra out from under her skin --- so, ever since Sierra was eight, she had been sleeping by herself up in the various catwalks of the mansion-turned-orphanage instead of with the other girls in the girls dormitory.

She was looked upon as the "leader" of the girls dormitory, and this gave her great responsibilities, such as feeding the children, since Mrs. Chesterfield didn't, not really --- one meal large enough for one person, hidden in a bag and then hidden in the orphanage somewhere, creating a huge game of hide and seek, the winner getting to eat and the losers starving for that day. If you keep not finding food for weeks on end? Nobody cares, except Sierra and the "leader" of the boys dorm, Branton.

Then she leaves, blah blah blah --- you'll probably hear about it later. Probably.

She loves kids. Obviously. She was a mom to a bunch ever since she moved up to that catwalk. She wants to grow up, get married, and start a family of her own, but she's afraid to in the world she lives in. 

Ever since she was little, she wanted a mom, dad, or sibling --- someone to prove she was not alone. When she heard that there might possibly be others, she made sure everyone was okay then left to find them. Because of this, her sisters are her most precious possessions. She wouldn't lose any of them for the world.

She's sensible, practical, and light on her feet, though trying to do any delicate work like lock picking will end badly --- she's kind of clumsy when it comes to tiny things in her hands. Weapons, yes, safety pins, no.

Character Inspiration

  • Susan Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia
  • Annie from Annie (: