Saturday, April 27, 2013

Death Scenes {and 100k}

I hit 100k words in my novel, The Shadow Conspiracy! Yes! All I have left to do now is kill characters.....

Which leads me to the reason I'm posting: death scenes. What are y'all's tips and tricks for writing emotional, heart-wrenching death scenes? And I have a lot of them to do, so give me all you've got :)

Also, while researching  I found this helpful post on writing realistic death scenes. You should check it out.


  1. I'm actually righting a book now. I would be posting it on my blog but it's not ready for the eyes of my people;) Um I think sometimes you just got to kill off the character everyone loves. I'm not saying you do what JK did as in killing ALL the awesome people but maybe one of them. Sicknesses are a great way to make a sad, slow, heart-wrenching death. Here my little snippet of how you could use sicknesses: Everyday, I see her sitting by his side. Watching the light fade from his eyes that were once filled with joy and hope. We try to help, but she says she can handle it. Even though she can barley see from crying. And no ones sleeping around here any more. I mean, how can you when all you hear every night is his heart breaking grouns of pain. It's all I can do from just putting him in pace myself. And theres moments when we think hes gone, when all hope is lost, when she's bugging him to stay with her. If only he would.

    That's just an idea. *Sorry it's so long.